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Articheck Calls On PUREi To Produce New Animated Video

December 15, 2015

Articheck is a UK based software provider that enables art galleries, museums, conservation studios, auction houses and collectors to create and manage condition reports in a digital and mobile environment. What used to be traditionally a paper based workflow, is now simplified and streamlined with Articheck's software, saving users months or years of cumulative staff time.

Like many complex software products, it's hard to explain and demonstrate everything the software does in an easy to understand and quick manner. The team at PUREi worked with Articheck to create an short animated explainer style video that accomplished just that.

The result was a uniquely artistic creative direction for the explainer video, which involved an in-studio photo shoot with models, and then compositing stills and stop-motion style elements into combined photographic and illustrative style layered backgrounds.

This project was a little more complex than other explainer style videos that PUREi has done in the past. We wanted to achieve a unique look to the video, that wasn't your typical illustrative vector style animation. We wanted a mix of texture rich backgrounds and illustrative elements with photographic main characters and objects. The problem was that stock imagery resources didn't have exactly what we needed with objects, orientations, model poses & angles.

The only alternative was to cast and photograph models in our studio to get exactly what we needed for each scene of the video. After clipping out all the photographed objects and models, animating them into the scenes, and layering all the elements, we truly created something unique! Needless to say, Articheck was very pleased with the result, which you can see on their home page at www.articheck.co.uk.