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Credit Card Website Gets National Attention

January 6, 2010

In a slightly odd twist of events, Pure Imagination was considered for the design of the Credit Card Connection website but the client ended up choosing a different company for the development. A month later, Pure Imagination was contacted by the client after the other company failed to produce a website that lived up to the client's expectation. Pure Imagination was hired to take the front end design that the other company designed, but fix the backend to work the way the client originally intended.

Pure Imagination rebuilt the site from the ground up integrating our Content Management System, implementing all the client's desired functionality and reporting and got the new site up and running in less than two weeks, just in time for a national broadcast television promotion on the Suze Orman show. The new site functioned flawlessly as tens of thousands of visitors flooded the site in a matter of minutes after the show aired.

Since then, the Credit Card Connection website has been featured on numerous television broadcasts and we continue to add functionality as the client develops this beneficial consumer financial resource.