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McGraw-Hill Hires PUREi To Produce Next Generation Science Standards Video Series

February 2, 2016

McGraw-Hill K-12 Group hired PUREi to produce a series of approximately 30 videos on Next Generation Science Standards. The goal of the video series was to provide teachers a resource that would enable them to implement the new standards in their classrooms by showing them real-world examples of teacher-student interactions with the new curriculum.

The main topics covered in the video series included: Asking questions & defining problems, developing & using models, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing & interpreting data, using mathematics & computational thinking, constructing explanations & designing solutions, engaging in argument from evidence, and obtaining, evaluating & communicating information.

PUREi shot real-world in-classroom footage of instructors implementing the new standards with their students. Each instructor was also interviewed separately to guide the videos through what was happening in the classroom scenes, as well as to get their views and perspectives on what it was like implementing these new standards. They were able to candidly share their experiences, successes and struggles, as well as provide feedback on student participation and interest.

Carol Baker, a key member of the team that drafted these new standards, was also interviewed. Her commentary was a critical piece of this video series, and provided great insight into the importance of this new initiative.

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