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National Clothing Donation Distributor Updates Their Brand Image

February 17, 2010

You've probably seen their old donation boxes. The big metal red and white checkered boxes are the property of a Chicago area based company called USAgain (pronounced Use-Again). USAgain's mission is to take donated clothing items and shoes and redistribute them around the world to regions that are in need for such items. This in turn not only helps those in need, but also helps the environment by saving countless items from entering landfills, and prevents the use of natural resources to create new clothes and shoes. We've all heard reduce, reuse, recycle. They're all about the reuse in that phrase.

USAgain partnered with Pure Imagination to do a complete brand redesign taking their current red and white checkered image to one that more accurately matched their mission of helping people in need and helping the environment. Pure Imagination created a brand new logo, updated their donation box graphics, their donation collection truck graphics, tradeshow booth graphics, brochures and their website.

The USAgain website utlizes Pure Imagination's Content Management System to facilitate a number of different customer specific functions including a drop box locator that integrates Google Maps' API, social media integration and a live environmental statistics counter on the home page. The live stats counter integrates in with USAgain's collection ERP system in real time to provide immediate statistics on number of clothing items saved from landfills, pounds of carbon dioxide saved and cubic yards of landfill space saved.