Catalog Design

We offer the full-spectrum from catalog design and production to fulfillment services. We have the expertise, creative talent and in-house resources to take your catalog project from boring to brilliant.

Our integrated approach to catalog design brings planning, creative art direction, product photography, database integration, e-commerce integration, printing and mailing into a single-source solution for our clients. Your catalog marketing efforts become a vehicle for sales that produce measurable results and strengthens the connection between your brand and your target market.

A Single Source Solution

We have everything you're looking for in a catalog design partner. With everything you need in-house, our work is better, faster and more cost effective.

  • Catalog design & layout
  • Creative concept & art direction
  • Database-to-design integration
  • Product & model photography
  • Online catalog & e-commerce
  • Copy writing
  • Prepress
  • Printing, production, mailing & distribution
  • Database marketing & list management
  • Tracking & analysis

Invest Wisely

It's a simple fact that the cost of designing a catalog is often small compared to the cost of printing, mailing and distribution. Yet the smallest part of the overall investment (design) leverages the effectiveness of the return on the much larger part of the overall investment (printing & mailing). Improving the design of your catalog is the simplest and most effective way to boost sales and grow profits. It's the reason the most successful catalog marketers never settle for average on the design of their catalogs.

  • Product Photography
  • Online & E-commerce
  • Printing & Mailing
  • Database Driven Catalogs

Great product photography makes all the difference, but it goes beyond simply taking nice product photos. Customers want details. They want to know all about the product they're about to buy. Properly planning shots to depict the various aspects and angles of your products so all the details and features are easily communicated helps your customers make informed decisions, feel confident about what they're purchasing and creates desire for your products.

Our in-house photography studio includes a full kitchen that can be configured to accommodate any type of product, props or setting. By having design & photography under one roof, we don't have to rely on third party or contract photographers and their schedules to get your catalog finished. We can also take our show on the road to produce top quality photography on location.

Often catalog marketing efforts are part of an overall marketing strategy that includes online marketing and e-commerce. In addition to our full-spectrum catalog design services, we also offer full-service e-commerce website development. The web development side of our business includes full featured e-commerce websites designed to not only effectively sell your products online, but also attract targeted traffic to your website through organic web search traffic.

Our e-commerce solutions give you incredible levels of control of your products, pricing and customers, as well as the flexibility to effectively market your products across a variety of media. Plus, you'll be dealing with one company for both your print catalog and online e-commerce needs, you save time and money in development costs since we already have all the assets necessary to create both your print and online presence.

In addition to designing your catalog and photographing your products, we handle the printing and mailing of your catalogs as well. Since we are a full-service design firm, we have built relationships with numerous printers and mail houses that consistently produce exceptional results for great prices. Depending on the page count, size, format and production quantities, we know which of our print partners is best suited for producing your catalog most cost effectively.

Printing and mailing costs often dwarf the price of designing a catalog. Therefore, it's important to make sure that the physical format, paper choices, size and weight of the final catalog is planned for and optimized long before any design work begins. By leveraging our experience and relationships with our printer and mail house partners, we can help you navigate the vast array of options and recommend the right combination of size, format, weight and style that maximizes exposure without overspending in unnecessary areas.

There are endless options when it comes to printing and mailing your catalog. We'll steer you in the right direction and give you down to earth advice so you're able to maximize the return on your investment in design, printing and mailing your next catalog.

Wouldn't it be nice if a single product database was linked to both your e-commerce website as well as your print catalog so that one update to the data propagates changes both online and in print? We can turn that wish into reality by doing just that - integrating your print catalog with a dynamic database driven back-end.

Your print catalog design now becomes a "live" document that is continually updated by a database, and each time you're ready to go to print, you're ensured that all the new changes to products, pricing and descriptions are always up to date. Gone are the days of duplicate entry and wondering if you missed numerous iterations of changes when you're ready to design and print your next catalog. By linking the design document to a data source, changes to the data are instantly updated in the print document.

Another great benefit of this is for catalogs that have a very consistent design structure to most of the pages. Rather than, for instance, laying out hundreds of pages of product tables, data and images one by one, tying a data source to a repeating layout structure can literally create hundreds or even thousands of catalog pages with the click of a button. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money in designing large print catalogs.

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