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ZipDrain Comes to Life Thanks to PUREi

April 10, 2017

The Overhead Tool Company approached PUREi with an innovative new product they invented for the drain cleaning industry. The product eliminated the hassles, mess, cleanup and lengthy time associated with sewer drain rodding and clean-out. They wanted to bring the product to market, but needed guidance and a plan.

PUREi went to work on creating a brand new name and identity for the product, as the Overhead Tool just didn't have quite the ring to it. Thus, ZipDrain was born. A new name, logo, e-commerce website, product demo video, brochure, trade show booth and product photography were all created to give ZipDrain an instant presence in this niche market.

The video was to be the main driving force behind communicating the features and benefits of the product while at the same time demonstrating how works. The approach was a humorous, lighthearted storyline feature "Joe the drain pro" as the main character discussing how ZipDrain has changed the way he goes about his job.

You can see the website at www.zipdrain.com and the other projects below.