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Cresswood Calls On PUREi For A Marketing Overhaul

November 1, 2016

Cresswood Shredding Machinery is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade grinders and shredders. They make the world's robust machines that can withstand the harshest of materials and applications. While their technology was cutting edge, their marketing and brand presence was badly in need of updating.

PUREi worked with Cresswood to create a new website that would be their primary lead generation tool. A new company video was also produced that told the Cresswood story in a very personal way. When we met with the team at Cresswood, it was immediately obvious that this was no ordinary manufacturing company. The employees were like a family, and they each were deeply vested in the company's success.

We wanted to convey the passion, dedication and spirit of Cresswood through its employees. Instead of a typical corporate video with a host or a voice over narration, we decided we would let Cresswood employees tell their story themselves. So we lined up interviews with much of their staff, shooting them on location, mostly right on their factory floor. While many were camera shy, we made them feel comfortable enough to get some great commentary.

With careful editing we were able to piece together the interview snippets into a compelling storyline that truly conveys the heart and spirit of Cresswood, while at the same time demonstrating the technology, advancements and robust designs Cresswood offers.

Both the website and the video have proved to be a great lead generation tool for Cresswood. With an ongoing search marketing campaign and SEO optimization, new business leads are flowing in and resulting in sales growth for the company.