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Add-A-Pearl Takes Their Marketing Digital With The Help Of PUREi's Video Production

August 30, 2021

The Add-A-Pearl Company, founded in 1854, provides the finest quality pearls available along with an ongoing commitment to protecting and supporting only responsible use of the world's natural resources. 

The Add-A-Pearl Company came to PUREi with the goal of creating a compelling video story to communicate their brand message in their digital marketing efforts. They wanted a heartwarming video to display on social media and digital ads portraying the warm and loving memories that accompany a customer when they give the gift of Add-A-Pearl to a loved one.  

We began this project by writing the script, searching for a beautiful outdoor location and casting two amazing actors to play the parts of the mom and daughter. By scheduling this shoot during the early evening golden hours, we were able to create the perfect atmosphere for presenting this warm and loving story. We enhanced the feeling even more with color grading to bring out the warm tones. 

The Add-A-Pearl Company was extremely pleased with this video. They have since asked PUREi to create the next in the series. You can learn more about this company and their products by visiting www.addapearl.com/