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PUREi Delivers Lifestyle Product Photography For Winix

September 7, 2021

For almost 50 years, Winix has been developing and producing Healthy Home Appliances to bring clean air, clean water and comfort to your indoor environment. Their mission is to deliver perfect products which are superior in innovation, performance and style; and to build relationships based on integrity, service and compassion.

Winix came to PUREi needing lifestyle photos for their new line of air purifiers. Winix had a limited timeframe and budget constraints as well. Procuring multiple shoot locations, props and hiring actors was not possible given the budget. PUREi was able to complete the project successfully, on time and within budget by implementing the technique of compositing the product photos shot in studio with stock photography scenes and backgrounds.

Planning was an integral part of these projects. The first step was choosing the stock photography scenes for each of the products. Sometimes multiple images needed to be manipulated and photoshopped to achieve proper placement and layout. Once the stock photography was approved, our photographer carefully analyzed the photos to determine the lighting and angles necessary to be able to composite the products within the photos digitally. We shot the products in studio and our designers were able to clip the products and place them into each of their stock scenes. In some instances, we even digitally portrayed the products in break-away layers adding floating dirt particles that turned into purified air.