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GHP Hires PUREi For A Series Of Outdoor Fire Pit & Heater Videos

October 8, 2018

GHP Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturing company which specializes in electric fireplaces, fireplace glass doors, fireplace accessories, electric log sets, portable heating products and barbecue grill products. 

GHP tasked PUREi with creating a series of product demo videos for a variety of their fire pits and outdoor patio heaters. There were 12 products in total, of varying sizes. The end goal was to have a video for each product, one to two minutes long that highlighted the features and benefits in a residential home lifestyle setting. 

The main challenge of the project was the shoot itself. The products were large and had to be delivered directly to the shooting location. To capture all the required shots, production began during the day and continued through the night. From start to finish, the shoot lasted about 19 hours, beginning mid-day and ending in the early hours of dawn. Now that’s a long day! 

During post-production, motion graphic animations were added to each video, tailored to features & benefits of each product. Key features were highlighted, accompanied by voice-over and music. French-Canadian translation versions were created in addition to the English versions.