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PUREi Partners With CaseMed On New Product Invention Launch

April 21, 2021

CaseMed Engineering is a US-based innovator, engineer and manufacturer of dispensing and packaging solutions for the luxury cosmetic and medical industries. CaseMed redefines portability, ease of use and innovation for products with SnapPad and VersaPad. Their products offer a revolutionary new personal delivery system with nearly endless applications, designed with convenience, hygiene, and environmental responsibility in mind.

Casey Samangooie, the founder of CaseMed Engineering, needed help to get his new invention off the ground. As an engineer with decades of experience with Medline, Casey knew he had a great product that could change the way the cosmetic, consumer and medical industries dispense and apply personal products. Casey worked with PUREi to create a stand-out product demo video and website to communicate and demonstrate all of the great features of these unique, convenient, hygienic applicators. 

We started by creating two-column script with visuals for the video. We shot on-location at their facility as well as at our in-house studio in Batavia with a model to demonstrate use and application. As the video came to life with graphics, music and voice over, we began building the website to showcase the video. CaseMed has been featured in many beauty magazines and is starting to make in-roads into many additional industry verticals. To view the website and videos, and to learn more about this unique invention, visit www.casemed.us.