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PUREi Produces Goodbaby Wave Catcher Promo Video

January 14, 2019

Goodbaby International is a world leading parenting products company. The company serves millions of families through design, research & development, manufacture, marketing and sales of children’s car safety seats, strollers, apparel and home textile products, feeding, nursing and personal care products, cribs, bicycles and tricycles and other children products. 

Working with PUREi previously on other children's toy launches, Goodbaby reached out to PUREi to create a 30 second promotional video for their new Wave Catcher electric ride-on scooter product. The goal was to show how fast, exciting and extreme this toy was to experience and ride while also showing key features, demonstrating safety and ease of use.

The shoot required finding a suitable, empty warehouse environment and hiring tween (ages 10-13) actors to use the product. The shoot was fun and full of impromptu shots. Our producer had to run with a handheld gimbal stabilizer to capture the action in a close-up, interesting, and accurate way. Additional shots were achieved with a 16 foot jib. Lighting effects were created with fog generators and high-power fresnels. Challenges included showing the close up details of the product while running/moving at 10 mph and getting the actors to coordinate with the camera movements.

Post-production required custom motion tracking for special effects, combining dynamic graphics, animations, sound effects and visuals to give it a high-energy, fun sports action treatment.