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PUREi Rearchitects Dramatic Publishing's Online Presence

February 15, 2017

In one of our most ambitious and complex undertakings in custom website development, PUREi worked with Dramatic Publishing to accomplish a complete overhaul of how they run their business both online and internally. This was a project that reached beyond an e-commerce website with highly customized functionality and workflows and included an entire rearchitecting of their internal ERP, inventory management, accounting and shipping systems and workflows.

Dramatic Publishing has order, payment, royalty and commission workflows that are highly customized to the specific way they run their business. PUREi utilized Magento Commerce as the core e-commerce engine, and developed highly customized functionality on top of the core Magento architecture to achieve an automated workflow for all of Dramatic Publishings unique ordering scenarios. These workflows varied from different types of customer groups, varying royalty calculation scenarios, as well as rental packages that included payments at various points in time coordinated with multiple shipments and returns. Additionally, their home grown, antiquated ERP system was replaced with modern, commercially available accounting and shipping platforms, which were both integrated and synced with the Magento based website, eliminating the need for duplication of effort and data entry.

The end result was complete automation of what used to be very hands on, paper and internal process heavy workflows. The new website automates 90% of what used to be done manually by Dramatic Publishing staff. This resulted in a highly optimized experience for customers and increased profits for Dramatic Publishing. You can view the website at www.dramaticpublishing.com.