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SOS vs Brillo - Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

January 16, 2019

S.O.S. Pads are one of America’s most enduring and iconic cleaning brands. It’s a product line that hasn’t changed much in decades. SOS-Clorox approached PUREi with a challenge. How can we distinguish ourselves from our competitors, specifically Brillo, while engaging a new, younger generation of customers?

PUREi developed scripts and concepts for three videos, each pertaining to one of the product’s key features: lasts longer, has more soap, and cleans faster. Creating a modern take on a game show showdown, PUREi embodied by the light-hearted contest through each video as the characters compete in a variety of challenges using SOS versus Brillo pads. Shot in-studio on green screen, PUREi created a small kitchen set with working plumbing to demonstrate each product feature story. Combining illustrations, motion graphic interactions and green screen compositing, the videos are eye-catching, funny and downright fun to view.

In addition to the videos, PUREi was tasked with designing an animated, interactive landing page for the SOS vs Brillo campaign. This page was developed to have a scrolling based storyline with interactive elements and video integration that matched the style of the videos.