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E-Commerce Web Design | PUREi

E-Commerce Web Design

We develop responsive e-commerce website solutions that are flexible, customizable and designed to effectively sell your products online.

Our standard e-commerce product offering is very robust and flexible and covers over 90% of customers' needs out of the box. We also have the ability to develop customized solutions and features necessary to produce an effective overall solution based on your unique needs. Together with our interface design expertise, SEO strategies and overall integration capabilities, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more effective e-commerce solution.

Standard Features

  • Responsive website
  • Marketing promotion
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Analytics and reporting
  • SEO
  • Flexible payments
  • Product catalog management
  • Product pricing and tiering
  • Mobile commerce
  • Order management
  • Flexible shipping options

Custom Integration Solutions

Your legacy systems that handle orders, shipping and inventory don't have to live in silos separated from your e-commerce website. We have the expertise to develop customized solutions that integrate internal databases and ERP systems with your e-commerce storefront. The result is a seamless solution that increases efficiency, eliminates duplication of data and streamlines your business workflow.

Data Migration

Often one of the more complex and time intensive parts of e-commerce website development is the migration of existing data from internal legacy systems or older e-commerce platforms. We have years of experience in developing data migration strategies that leverage custom scripting and automated methodologies to streamline the migration process resulting in faster overall development times.

Our Work