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Trade Show Video Production | PUREi

Trade Show Video Production

Live video elements or video presentations are great ways to draw crowds and promote your products and brand at your next trade show or event.

At trade shows, environmental motion graphics are a great way to accent your booth and attract attention to your booth. You can also use video in the form of self-playing kiosks or stations at your booth to serve a variety or purposes such as to educate, inform, promote or sell.

Live Presenter

Another powerful and effective approach is a live video presentation with a presenter. This tactic combines the use of a professional human presenter with a video wall or large screen presentation timed to the live presenter to deliver a powerful, compelling and attention grabbing message. Typically, this approach requires a suitable seating or stage area set up in your booth to accommodate both the presenter and presentation as well as seating or standing room for people to view the presentation.

Your Trade Show Resource

Whatever the tactic and approach may be, we can help you with either just the video production portion or assist you in your entire booth layout and trade show marketing strategy for your next show or event. Give us a call to discuss your next show in more detail, and we can show you examples of how we've integrated video into trade show booths. If you're interested, we can also show you examples of complete trade show marketing strategies we've put together for clients and the results we've achieved.

Our Work