Interactive Multimedia Presentations

When it comes to communicating your message, professionally produced multimedia presentations are one of the best ways to engage your prospects in a media-rich interactive experience.

We have the ability to create just about anything imaginable. With this powerful medium we can transform static, mundane presentations into rich, interactive, engaging user experiences that promote, educate, excite and engage your prospects while persuading them to take action.

End-to-end Production

  • Creative concept development and art direction
  • Specifications, outline and script development
  • Complete graphics and user interface development
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Custom scripting and programming
  • Video production, compression and integration
  • Photography
  • Implementation via web, portable media or kiosk
  • Media duplication services
  • Media packaging, production and fulfillment

A Better Experience

Whether you're looking to add cutting edge animation and graphics to your website, creating a user friendly online application, or looking to incorporate multimedia into an online presentation, we have the capability to create the most effective solution. Let's discuss your project details and overall goals to determine how we can incorporate multimedia for improved results.

Types of Applications

  • Sales presentation
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product selection guides or configurators
  • Online "talking head" video presentations
  • Live trade show presentations
  • Looping or interactive kiosk presentations
  • Educational exercises and simulations
  • Online games