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PUREi Gets LuxeClub Yachting On The Map

May 17, 2018

LuxeClub Yachting was a brand new startup looking to offer a unique new alternative to fractional boat ownership. They were launching with their first multi-million dollar luxury yacht and needed to quickly get prospective new customers on board to make it happen.

PUREi went to work creating new logo and identity for the startup. Soon after, a brand new website aimed at selling the yachting lifestyle and how it can be financially achievable to a broader customer base was carefully crafted. The overall goal was to pique consumer interest and get them to make contact. Video elements were prominently placed on the home page to quickly draw attention and reduce bounce rates.

The result was an experience that immersed the website visitor into a luxury lifestyle experience while communicating a value proposition and financial scenario as succinctly as possible. You can check out the live website luxeclubyachting.com.