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Video Production Studio & Equipment | PUREi

Video Production Studio & Equipment

We have our own in-house studio and a truck load of our own equipment. It's why we can deliver on our clients' needs in a moment's notice and how we can tightly integrate video and photography into our overall creative agency's service offering.

Our studio space is great for small sets and shooting products as well as actors. We have a large enough sound stage to go from table top setups, all the way to large product demos and full-extension jib shots. Green screen and teleprompter setups are a standard configuration as well. Plus, if we can't meet your needs in our studio space, we'll work within your budget to find a suitable space within the area to meet your needs.

Our experience runs the gamut from one person run-and-gun content gathering all the way to up to 30+ person crews. Whatever your video production needs may be, we have the staff, equipment and studio space to deliver the results you're looking for.

Studio & Grip

  • Studio 1 - 25x35 12' ceiling
  • Studio 2 - 40x55 16' ceiling
  • Kino Flo studio and location fluorescents
  • Various tungsten and effect lighting kits
  • C-stands, reflectors, bounce cards, silk
  • 2-channel wireless and wired audio package
  • Multiple microphones - shot gun, lavalier, boom pole
  • Teleprompter

Cameras & Support

  • Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III HD DSLR's
  • DJI Inspire 1 4K UAS/UAV drone
  • Multiple GoPro 4K sport camera & various mounts
  • Various tripods / heads
  • 16' Hollywood Microdolly jib
  • 8' jib
  • Skate dolly
  • Dolly and track
  • Steadicam

Post Production

  • Full HD/4K production workflow
  • 4 edit suites
  • After Effects compositing and post effects
  • Web compression and live streaming
  • 3D graphics and animation
  • Color finishing and grading
  • Encoding / audio mixing