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Logo Design & Identity | PUREi

Logo Design & Identity Development

Developing an identity for your company, product or service goes far beyond simply designing a nice looking logo. A good looking logo design is simply that - a nice design. A well developed identity influences how your target market perceives you.

A properly developed identity leads all other marketing, advertising and selling efforts. It's your customers' first impression, and it's the top of the visual communications pyramid from which all other marketing efforts trickle down. It not only binds all of your marketing communication efforts with a cohesive look and feel, but more importantly creates the right perception that fosters results.

A Different Approach

Our unique identity development process begins with careful research, positioning, competitive analysis and brand evaluation that leads to an intensive creative design phase. Contact us about your identity development needs and we'll explain our unique process and demonstrate the results it has produced for other clients.

Name Development

If necessary, we have the expertise and experience to develop a new name that supports your core identity and brand. Our unique name development process involves researching domain name availability and steering clear of potential competitive and trademark conflicts. Contact us to learn more about our name development services.

Positioning & Branding

Proper positioning and branding development sets the creative direction, ensures focus in the right direction and eliminates the misdirection of personal individual tastes and preferences. Contact us to learn more about the importance of positioning and branding in the identity development process.

Our Work