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Chicago Graphic Design | PUREi

Graphic Design & Creative

Design is at the heart of everything we do. It's an integral part of every aspect of our business and it's why our work stands apart. We're a more effective Chicago-based creative agency. Find out why.

A Creative Advantage

If there's one thing our customers have come to rely on us for, it's consistently outstanding creative design. One look at the work showcased throughout our website and you'll see what we mean. We are a multi-faceted creative agency that is unique in that all of our services and expertise are literally under one roof.

It allows our creative and graphic design team to art direct all areas of our business including identity development & logo design, print, advertising, web design, social media, video production and photography. It allows us to have total control over the creative elements of all of your marketing and communications efforts. We in essence become brand police for most of our clients, ensuring not only consistency in the execution but expediency in the production.

The Importance of Message Driven Creative

As much as we love producing amazing creative results for our clients, we don't lose sight of the fact that message & content are king. Our internal processes back up this belief with message, headline & content development leading creative design in almost every project. It starts with our sketches and initial brainstorms, and ends with fully developed creative executions that are blissful marriage of design & copy.

Creative & Design Services

  • Logo Design
  • Brochure
  • Advertising
  • Catalog
  • Tradeshow
  • Direct Mail
  • Packaging
  • Web Design
  • Video Production

Our Work