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Advertising Design | PUREi

Advertising Design

Time is scarce. Whether it's print or digital, you have milliseconds to capture attention, and hardly more to keep it.

What's More Important -
Ad Placement or Ad Creative?

Advertising is not a game of placement versus creative. It's a careful balance of placement and creative. Whether your advertisement is a full-page print ad or a landing page on your website, you need viewership numbers just as much as you need to convert viewers into leads or sales. If your advertising doesn't create action, all the money you spent on ad placement or traffic generation is wasted.

There's Nothing Creative About Advertising That Doesn't Sell

We create advertising that sells. Many believe that advertising is primarily meant to gain exposure and build brand awareness. We think that's a great excuse for advertising that doesn't directly produce results. With all you're investing in ad placement, why shouldn't your advertising be producing direct sales? Successful advertising creates excitement, engages readers, is a source of news and information, elevates a call to action, generates leads and produces sales of your product or service.

Expect More From Your Advertising

Get in touch and we will show you examples of successful advertising campaigns where the right creative and copy produced far more than just exposure - it produced results.

Our Work