Educational Video Production

We're a premiere educational video production partner with over a decade of experience creating award winning videos for some of the largest and most recognized educational content providers in the industry.

A More Effective Educational Video Production Partner

Video is an increasingly more effective medium supplemental to traditional text books, learning management systems and class room lectures. We can help take your educational video projects to the next level by combining all of the in-house talent and resources you're looking for - research, concept development, content development and script writing, location and talent scouting, full professional production on-location and in-studio, editing, motion graphics, design, animation and 3D. The videos we create can take on a traditional serious tone or they can take a light-hearted and entertaining style to education depending on the age of the audience, the curriculum and the approach.

A Creative Approach

We have the creative and technical capability to incorporate any type of element into educational videos while at the same time creating a format that is visually appealing as well and highly effective at educating students on the particular subject.

Video & Interactive

Educational videos can be integrated into an online interactive platform format that allows for live testing and evaluation, real-time laboratory-style or concepts in motion simulations with live user input and feedback and complete course-builder controls for instructors.

Examples of Approach

  • Live classroom teacher-student interaction and instruction
  • Instructor / administrator / student interviews
  • Live group experimental and work sessions
  • Compositing live instructor on learning background
  • Dynamic animated exercise content and motion graphics elements
  • Computer software or calculation workflow screencasts
  • Multi-window video elements

Technically and creatively, we can produce just about anything you can dream up. Give us a call and let's talk about your project. We'll evaluate your requirements and determine the most effective approach.

Our Work