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Brochure Design | PUREi

Brochure & Collateral Design

Great brochures not only communicate well, they support direct sales efforts and elicit action. Just look through some examples of the brochures we've designed and you'll see collateral that continues selling long after the sales person has left the building.

By combining captivating visuals, superb design, compelling copy and great photography, the brochures we design clearly communicate your message, engage prospects and persuade them to take action. Whether you're looking for a simple tri-fold brochure, or a comprehensive integrated collateral system, we have the experience to offer a unique solution that provides the maximum return on your investment. Contact us to learn more about how we can help take your brochure or collateral design project to the next level.

We handle every aspect of the brochure and collateral development process:

  • Initial evaluation of sales goals and usage
  • Physical format and structure determination
  • Creative concept development and art direction
  • Research and copy writing
  • Original photography or stock imagery selection
  • Design and layout
  • Prepress and pre-production
  • Printing, assembly, fulfillment and/or distribution

Our Work