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Dime Trading Sells More Toys Online Thanks To PUREi

February 21, 2020

Dime Trading manufactures and distributes a wide variety of high-quality toys and games designed to be educational, entertaining and family-friendly. From audio and electronics products to board games and art projects, all of our offerings are safe, durable and age-appropriate, with something for everyone from toddlers to teens.

Dime Training reached out to PUREi about creating a series product demo videos showcasing their latest toy products. These demo videos would feature children playing with each product in a residential home environment. With the goal of using the videos on retailer website such as Amazon, the videos needed to promote, excite, educate and inspire the viewer.

Working with children of various ages on a shoot is a challenge in itself. The approach we take is staying open and flexible with the production process and letting the kids be kids while they discover the products. All the while, we focus on capturing the needed shots to feature the products as well as capturing the child actors' naturally playful and engaging personalities.