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AAN Partners With PUREi For All Their Conference Catalogs & Guidebooks

March 20, 2020

The American Academy of Neurology represents more than 36,000 members and is dedicated to promoting the highest quality patient-centered care and enhancing member career satisfaction. They provide guidance and inspiration through education, information, policy development, and advocacy for their members and their members’ patients.

In early 2019, AAN reached out to PUREi to discuss options and solutions to take the design of their Annual Meeting publications out of house. After reviewing their various catalogs, PUREi determined that they would be a great candidate for database-design merge methodology which would not only streamline the design & production, but also save AAN significant amounts of money on these projects.

The first publication to be created was AAN’s Early Look Book. PUREi was given a very short window to design the catalog. Using the data from AAN’s API, PUREi created specifically designed templates for the publication's various page layouts. While working through new challenges and constantly changing data, PUREi was able to quickly and effectively finish the catalog without a hitch. 

Immediately following the Early Look Book came the Science Book. This publication delved deeper into the logistics of the Annual Meeting, providing descriptions of scientific lectures, abstract presentations, and much more. This publication required its own set of templates and, in turn, more complicated data. 

Once the Science Book was complete, two more publications remained: the On-site Guide and the Room Locator Guide. These two publications were more compact, narrowed down versions of their predecessors. They provided a more specific schedule and general guide to the Annual Meeting facility, as they were meant to be more handheld versions of the Early Look and Science Books. 

Following the completion of the Annual Meeting materials, AAN was very pleased at the efficiency of PUREi's production process and awarded PUREi with all of their conference publication work for 2020.