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Apples To Apples: Comparing Web Solutions

February 21, 2016

In a constant evolving web development landscape where options are plentiful, it's often difficult comparing web design solutions. Choosing a flexible platform and content management system providing you the features, security and customized functionality can be challenging. Between DIY web solutions, Wordpress templates or companies claiming custom theming, you need to be aware what is at stake for your business to make the right choice.

Open Source CMS platforms like Wordpress and Drupal can be great for getting a website up and running, but can later lead to issues in performance and security. Looking under the hood of many of these pre-built one-size-fits-all website solutions, we find our customers are limited by theme structure and plugin availability. This makes it more difficult and costly to customize. You will spend more development hours trying to build around the system instead of designing what is important to your business from the start.


Open-source CMS solutions are built to appeal to the masses, and are therefore bloated with extra features and functionality. This translates into longer load times, excess server resources and in some extreme cases website outages. When a system is broadly written for multiple use types, it is not optimized for your specific needs. With PUREi's custom CMS platform, we develop and design only the features and functionality that are needed for your site. You get the high quality content editing capabilities without being confused with features that don't apply to your website. You will find it easier to use and spend less time training your employees how to use it.


A major disadvantage of highly available Open Source Code is security. We have built a closed platform CMS solution that protects our code from prying eyes and publicly released bugs you would experience with systems like Wordpress or Drupal. In many cases we have seen customers put their site and sensitive data at risk by having an outdated installation exploited. It's very easy for a novice hacker to gain access to your website through many of these published vulnerabilities. Since we keep our source code private, our CMS is much safer and targeted far less by web scanning robots.

Custom Web Design Process

Here at PUREi we focus on creativity. This starts with the web design, user-flow, wireframes and custom design suited to your business or brand. This approach is contrary to the approach of "painting over" existing web layout templates and common UI themes. Instead of changing out logos and colors of a template, we speak to your brand and website audience. PUREi focuses our attention on high quality web design and innovative user experience.

We start with wireframes, mapping out features and creative mockups. Once a look is approved, we move into development where your site comes to life. This does not compare to the process of launching a pre-built website template, where you are designing to work with existing structure. In the end, you will get a custom looking one-of-a-kind website tailored to you and your customer's needs.

Stand out. Be different. Don't fall into the template trap. Get it right from the start.