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C+R Research Launches New Website

January 30, 2016

C+R Research, a leading market research firm based in Chicago, called on PUREi to design & develop a brand new stand out website for their growing firm. C+R provides deep insights and understanding to their clients using a combination of traditional and innovative research methodologies. Clients benefit from greater understanding of their marketplace and customer base, enabling them to discover the information they need and make smarter business decisions.

C+R's previous website had hundreds of static content page full of lengthy text. It was difficult to navigate, written in a way that focused more on C+R's services than their clients' needs and visitors had a hard time finding information that was relevant to them.

The first part of this project was a complete overhaul of C+R's messaging strategy. The PUREi team wiped the slate clean, and developed an overarching messaging theme that captured the true spirit of what C+R excels at. The new messaging drove the site architecture, content flow, navigation structure and final copy that was developed throughout the site. The animated segment on the home page header marquee is the result of this messaging overhaul, ending in the simple phrase, "Understanding (is greater than) Information". 

Additionally, the creative direction PUREi for the website design was a balance of illustrative elements and iconography along with striking photography that was sourced from stock resources as well as original photography we shot at their headquarters. Animated parallax scrolling effects were designed into each page to give it further aesthetic appeal, while maintaining the same user experience across desktop, tablet & mobile devices.

Case studies on their old site were long and drawn-out. We re-imagined what a case study should be, and created a compact, easy to navigate and ingest format for site visitors to get a quick overview of how they benefit clients. Rather than call it case studies, we created a Solutions page that addressed key client needs, and presented short form examples of how C+R tackled these types of challenges. Each example was summarized in a short paragraph in a situation / outcome format.

In terms of user-flow and navigation, we implemented very unique user friendly sub-navigation techniques as seen on their Methods page, which combined over 20 page of content from the previous site into one page on the new site. We customized our CMS to allow for easy editing and updating of the content across all 4 tabs and the multiple sub tabs on this page.

Shortly after we took the site live, we optimized the site content with on-page SEO techniques. Within a few weeks, the site was ranking near the top of page 1 on Google for search terms such as "chicago market research company" and "chicago market research firm" which are their two biggest traffic producing searches. We also continue to manage their Google Adwords campaigns, driving target leads to their site.

Check out their new website at www.crresearch.com.