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ProSlab Calls On PUREi To Promote Their Concrete Technology

July 30, 2018

Global Material Technologies develops and manufactures steel fiber based products. The company offers ferrous and non ferrous metal fibers, wool, and pad products for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets, as well as abrasives and polishing, and filtration products.

One of their key markets is in concrete flooring where their materials are mixed with concrete to form a large seamless concrete floor without any breaks. As warehouses are going fully automated, this floor application is in high demand, and PUREi was brought on board to create a sales video to promote the ProSlab brand in this lucrative marketplace.

This shoot faced its own set of challenges. To capture footage of various application sites under construction and in various phases of completion required travel to multiple states with a truckload of gear. A mix of jib shots, dolly on track & drone were captured. Interviews were conducted with industry experts on extremely specific topics such as micro cracking in concrete. The project came together in editing where a compelling story was crafted that was both informative and convincing. Photorealistic animations composited with shot footage brought the unseen to life, offering visuals of what goes on inside the concrete slab.