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USCCA Calls on PUREi for a New Company Video

September 28, 2017

USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) is a company dedicated to the proliferation of safe, responsible and educated gun ownership. They provide their 200,000 plus members with education, training, insurance and legal support in the unfortunate event a member has to use their firearm in self-defense.

USCCA has an internal video production team that creates social, web and training videos on an ongoing basis for their organization. They realized, however, that they needed a compelling, professional company overview video to use as their main communication tool for prospective new members.

Understanding that the topic is controversial, and that portraying a self-defense scenario could lead to legal ramifications, PUREi worked closely with USCCA to develop a script and storyboard that stayed true to USCCA's core beliefs while crafting a dramatic scenario that was true to life and demonstrated proper self-defense tactics.

The end result was an emotional and inspiring company overview video that reflects the values and mission of what the USCCA organization is all about.